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Gallery images and information: Jake Gyllenhaal


Jake Gyllenhaal: biography

American actor and heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal was born on 19 December 1980 at Los Angeles (California). He was lucky with my family, maybe she has predetermined its future. Father Jake - director, mother - screenwriter.
Jake was the second child in the family, his older sister Maggie, too, later became an actress. The parents tried to educate their children strictly in accordance with the aristocratic traditions, because Gyllenhaal clan was known in secular circles in Switzerland.

Jake mixed a lot of blood, but he considers himself a Jew. In 13 years, as befits a Jewish boy, he was bar mitzvah ritual. Wealthy parents chose for this abode of the homeless. They wanted his son to appreciate what has respected the family values and traditions.
In school, Jake Gyllenhaal earned to travel with his family to the world. Ontogda already knew that the money earned by labor. He washed dishes in a restaurant kitchen, moonlighting as the guardian of order on the beaches.

After high school, the guy went to Columbia University. This institution was native to their families, because it has learned in his time, his mother and sister. But Gyllenhaal Jr. study quickly tired - he graduated from the first course and left the University.
The guy decided to devote himself to an acting career, and with such parents get started in the film industry of Hollywood was much easier.

For the first time Jake starred in the film, when he was 11 years old. His debut was the picture "City Slickers." Then his father gave him a small role in his other films.

After the first year of university Jake invited to the title role in "October Sky". He managed to accurately convey the character of the young men of Homer, who wanted to build a rocket. In the sci-fi movie "Donnie Darko" actor distinguished himself as a brilliant. He played in a pair with his sister.
Next run of luck ended with Jake Gyllenhaal - paintings, in which he starred, did not find the rapid response of the audience. Luck and success came to him after starring in the film "The Day After Tomorrow." The film grossed over half a billion dollars.

After a year on the whole Jake Gyllenhaal told Hollywood. The drama "Brokeback Mountain" tells the story of homosexual love between two colleagues affected by this, but such an attractive subject for spectators. Jake with all the depth of his acting talent showed weakness and sacrifice of his hero, possessed by his passion and the idea that love has no gender.

His glory strengthened movie "Jarhead," "Zodiac", "Captive". In 2006, Jake Gyllenhaal was nominated for "Oscar", but did not get the coveted statuette. Instead, he was awarded the BAFTA Award and other prestigious awards, and "Oscar" may still lie ahead.

Personal life
After the premiere of "Brokeback Mountain," the newspapers are talking about bisexuality Jake: too believable he played. The actor did not refute the rumors and does not hide his joy that his talent is appreciated adequately. With partner, "Brokeback Mountain" Jake tied true friendship - he baptized the daughter of his friend.

In 2001, Jake Gyllenhaal met briefly with Jenny Lewis. The next year, my sister introduced him to actress Kirsten Dunst. Their affair lasted almost two years. Next was a series of short novels with a partner on the set. In autumn 2010, the journalists are talking about Jake's new passion - country music singer Taylor Swift. They met less than three months - to the New Year Jake Gyllenhaal was free.

One of the latest partners of the actor - Model Alice Miller. Lovers often appeared in public together and live under one roof, but soon "between them ran a cat." Rumor has it that Alice could not stand the test of distance, when Jake flew to shoot the next picture. Some sources claim that Jake Gyllenhaal had fled because, unlike Alice, was not ready for a serious relationship.

In an interview with Hollywood actor admitted that his main goal in life - to find the right woman. And yet it remains one of the most eligible suitors in Hollywood.