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Gallery images and information: Jackie Chan


Jackie Chan: Biography

April 7, 1954 in a poor Chinese family Chan was born a boy. The baby weighed more than 5 kg, which made his mother a long time called him "Pao Pao", which means "cannonball". At the time, Charles and Lily Chan fled from China to Hong Kong Civil War. There, they found work in the French embassy chef and maid. When the son of Jackie grew up, family in the 60s moved to Australia.
With 6 years of Jackie Chan attends school of Peking Opera. There he priobraet stage experience and learns to understand your body. In addition, it engaged in kung fu.

In the movie, Jackie Chan was a child. With 8 years he first removed in the crowd, then he trusted the role of the son of the main character in Peking opera.
As a teenager, he starred in martial arts films, but so far only in the crowd. Although the list of works are such films as "Fist of Fury" and "Enter the Dragon" with Bruce Lee himself. By the way, these films Jackie plays negative characters. Perhaps it was then that he realized that it makes no sense to copy Bruce Lee, becoming one of a thousand.

He moved to his parents in the 70s, he tried to study at «Dickson College», earned on a construction site. Along the way, he began acting in movies as a stuntman. Jackie Chan is artistic, flexible, incredibly charismatic and owns kung fu. All this allows him to go to these roles. He puts the picture comedy where the characters are involved in street fights, demonstrate martial skills. His characters are lazy, sometimes rustic, they, suckers, a lot of problems, but overall it's courageous, good guys. All Jackie Chan stunts invented himself. In fact, while the new genre was born.

The film "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow" was a breakthrough in the career of Jackie Chan. Director of the film allowed the talented actor to put tricks improvise. That was what was needed, because the film was shot in the genre of comedy with elements of martial arts. By the time Jackie Chan has lived with this interesting genre him.

The film "Drunken Master" showed us the comic tandem actor Jackie and Yuen Siu Tien. Jackie plays a sprightly, light-hearted bully who fights with everyone, shame military school his father-master. Ewan plays the role of a mentor, who has taken over the re-talented bugger.
In 1983, while working on the film "The" A "," Jackie Chan stunt organized his group. In subsequent films, he worked it with her. Today the actor is listed in the black lists of all insurance companies because often puts their lives at risk. To his credit a lot of "battle wounds" received on the set: a dislocated pelvis, broken fingers, sternum, ribs and ankle. By the way, because of a broken right ankle Jackie repeatedly forced to always land on his left leg. And on the set of "Armour of God" craniocerebral trauma received in the fall from the tree, almost led to death.

In the 80s there were many attempts to break into Hollywood. "Big Fight", "Race" Cannonball "," "Patron" did not go unnoticed, but had no real success.
Success came in 1995 with the painting "Rumble in the Bronx", noted that the award to Jackie channel MTV.
"First Strike", "Mr. Nice Guy" and other films consistently repulsed till. The audience was surprised, to laugh, to admire the agility of Jackie Chan.

"Rush Hour" with two sequels have collected billions of dollars, becoming the absolute Hollywood hits. The Western "Shanghai Noon," he plays paired with Owen Wilson.

Jackie Chan is experimenting. Changes roles, in movies adds a number of expensive and spectacular special effects, although this is not a big success, because the heart of his films have always been a martial art, the famous fight with all sorts of improvised means.

"The Tuxedo" and "Around the World in 80 Days" is a failure, if you look at them from a commercial point of view. In the "tuxedo" Jackie Chan seven doubles.