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Gallery images and information: Hugh Laurie


The well-known English actor, musician, writer and director Hugh Laurie was born on June 11, 1959 in Oxford (UK) in the family and a successful physician Rena Patrissii Laurie. Hugh grew up the youngest child in the family, he has an older brother and two sisters. The financial situation of the family allowed to study Hugh Laurie in the most prestigious private schools in England: primary Dragon and senior Eton.

From early childhood, Hugh showed an interest in music and in high school was the drummer in the school band, but music Hugh was another serious hobby - sculling. Laurie grew up with varied interests active boy with a rather adult trait - a sense of responsibility. The artistic talent of Hugh Laurie became apparent during training at Cambridge University, where he graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of III degree.
It was at university, he became actively involved in amateur theater productions Footights Dramatic Club. His flurry of activity and artistic talent to play the role of Diverse allowed Laurie to become president of the theater. On stage he played with his friends, now known actors Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson, with whom he was the first serious relationship.

Hugh Laurie - the beginning of a stellar career
Amateur theater is so fascinated by Hugh Laurie, in 1982, along with his friends, they wrote and directed his own statement "The Callar Tapes". And their first serious work was rewarded with a great success and the first theatrical award. But most importantly, they offered a contract to broadcast performances from the theater "Vest- End." Hugh Laurie's talent was soon noticed and he was invited to work in professional theater, and he received the contracts for the shooting in television films. Hugh Laurie - he became known in England.

Hugh Laurie - gaining popularity
Despite numerous offers to work in television and theater, this great success and recognition came to the always elegant Mr. Hugh Laurie after-rolled in 1985, his film "The Black Adder". And already in 1989, with his friend Laurie Fry acted as directors and producers run on national television his own show "A Bit of Fry and Laurie", which for several years has been very popular. At the same time play the role brilliantly frivolous aristocrat in the hit TV series "Jeeves and Wooster", made critics "take my hat off" to the English actor Hugh Laurie.
With 90 Hugh Laurie became quite active conquer the great movie, though not enough for him getting any major role. Hereby lucky Hollywood Laurie began after the release of most of the hit TV series "House." Beautifully and flawlessly played the role of Dr. Gregory, but a big star brought the actor Hugh Laurie top of the list of champions fee Hollywood.

Hugh Laurie - the most important role
During his acting career Laurie has appeared in over 80 films, among which the most important for his career - a movie:
- "Black Adder" (1986-1989gg)
- "Jeeves and Wooster" (1990-1993)
- "Sense and Sensibility" (1995)
- "101 Dalmatians" (1996)
- "World Skies" (1997)
- "Midsomer Murders" (1998)
- "Anything is possible Babe" (2000)
- "House" (2004-2012gg)
- "Palpable emptiness" (2005)
- "Street Kings" (2008)
- "Orange" (2011)
- "Arthur Christmas" (2011)

Besides the actor Hugh Laurie work involved in writing scripts for 8 TV shows and movies, and is also a director of 4 paintings. Hugh Laurie for his work in film has been nominated and awarded numerous awards and prizes, both in England and in America.

Hugh Laurie - personal life
Aristocratic image of a popular actor and very wealthy Mr. Hugh Laurie can not affect the heart of the beautiful half of humanity. But apart from the fact that Laurie's a great actor, he is also a great family man, so exciting romantic stories with Hollywood beauties, journalists have never been able to discover. Hugh Laurie married even without being the stellar figure in 1989, Joe Greene, who at the time worked as an administrator. During their marriage Hugh and Joe had three children: sons - Charles and William, and a daughter - Rebecca. His best friend since student days, now known actor Stephen Fry is a procession of children Laurie.
Mr. Laurie is aware that popular among women, but he is faithful to his wife Jo, who is only one knows his real. Despite the stable life and success as an actor Hugh Laurie often suffer from depression.

Hugh Laurie - Interesting Facts
Hugh Laurie from a young age, as his father, the pair engaged in rowing and even won the UK Championship.
In addition to its versatility in the art of film, Hugh Laurie is also a great musician and a keyboardist BandfromTV, as well as in 2010, Laurie has released his music album in the style of blues.
Hugh Laurie awarded the Officer of the British Empire in 2007.
Hugh Laurie main hobbies are first-class motorcycles.
Hugh Laurie was in Guinness Book of World Records as the highest paid actor in the world.

Hugh Laurie - day today
In addition, Hugh Laurie now seriously engaged in writing his second book and getting ready for the continuation of the series "House", a Hollywood star, the British Mr. Laurie throws a big concert tour of the world in which to give concert in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev .