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Gallery images and information: Hugh Jackman


Renowned Australian actor and producer Michael Jackman Hugh (Hugh Jackman) was born in 1968, October 12, becoming the youngest of five children in a family of immigrants from the United Kingdom, where they arrived in Sydney in 1960.

Hugh was only 8 years old when his parents' divorce took place, after which the children stayed with their father. His mother, Grace, who after the divorce, returned to England, Hugh saw only many years later, as an adult. The boy's father soon found a new wife, who gave birth to another child. All children educated head of the family is very strict, however, joint trips with the family of Hugh considers one of the most vivid memories of childhood (along with basketball, which was very passionate about).

After high school, the young man began to learn the journalist at the Sydney University of Technology, where in the last years discovered a new passion - theater.

Hugh Jackman - the beginning of a stellar career
After graduation Jackman invited to participate in the TV series "Neighbours". However, he refused and began serious study of acting, enrolling in a West Australian Academy of Fine Arts. Pay for training has allowed him a legacy that left a grandmother.
The first major work of Hugh - TV series "Corelli" (1995), which brought him first fame. Followed by roles in numerous paintings of Australian independent film companies and work in the Royal National Theatre, where he not only honed his acting talent, but also became a consummate dancer and singer.

1998 was marked by Hugh obtain the title of best musical actor for "Sunset Boulevard"; In 1999 he participated in the Australian award for "Best Actor of the Year." In the same year, the Australians called him "Man of the Year" and recognized that Hugh Jackman - the well-dressed man in Australia. People magazine Jackman was included among the fifty most beautiful people in the world.

Hugh Jackman - gaining popularity
However, the real world fame to the actor only in 2000, after fi thriller "X-Men", which became a bestseller. This painting was attributed by critics to the best comic book adaptation of the 20th century.

This was followed by a picture that brought him popularity in America, but outside it was noticed neither the critics nor the audience - "Flirting with the beast" (2001). But the crime thriller "Password" Swordfish "(2001) brought a good camp in worldwide box office.
The second part of the "X-Men" was, without exaggeration, the most anticipated picture of 2003. And she met the expectations of both the audience and their creators, bringing them more than 400 million dollars at the box office. It made them think about the filming of the third part, and how to make the story of Logan, Wolverine in a separate picture.

Hugh Jackman - most notable roles
As we have said, the most prominent role was the work of Hugh Jackman in "X-Men", in all of which he played Wolverine. In 2009, the movie was filmed separate "Wolverine", which starred Hugh.
Very interesting to get his romantic role of Leo in the film "Kate & Leopold" (2001), which earned him a nomination for the "Golden Globe".
Thanks thriller "The Prestige", directed by Christopher Nolan on the magicians, Jackman was counted among the leading Hollywood actor.

Hugh Jackman - personal life
Hugh Jackman is of the few stars who were lucky enough to find your family happiness forever. It happened on the set of the television series "Corelli" in 1995 that brought him to Deborah Lee Furness, performs in the series the main female role. After becoming in 1996 the wife of Hugh Jackman, the actress brings with him their two adopted children, and continues to be his lover and best friend to this day.

Hugh Jackman - interesting facts of life
In 1998, Hugh had a chance to perform the national anthem at one of Australia's Melbourne stadium, which has an audience of one hundred thousand fans.
Hugh - left-handed. He does not smoke in real life and does not welcome smoking on screen. Perhaps because of that on the set of one of the films he made lying barbell bench press with a weight of 143 kg.

Hugh Jackman - Today
In a recent interview with Hugh Jackman he confirmed that in 2012 he will star in a sequel to "Wolverine", beginning with the month of June. Now the place of deployment events will be Japan, where the hero will meet new adventures and his new love.