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Gallery images and information: Hilary Swank


Hilary Ann Swank was born on July 30, 1974 in the small town of Bellingham, Washington, USA in a low-income family. In addition to his daughter, the parents of a son. Three years after the birth, the future actress became involved in gymnastics and swimming pool. In school, the girl was fascinated by the theater scene in the age of nine, she took part in a production of "The Jungle Book", where she performed the role of the main character Mowgli. When Swank was fourteen years old, my parents decided to leave, the mother with the children moved to Los Angeles, where for many years the relatives lived in a small road trailer without being able to rent an apartment. The woman worked at several jobs, trying to feed her son and daughter. In the new town, Hillary continued schooling. Mother sought to attach her baby girl in a modeling agency, and soon the figure on the selection of the actors invited Hillary to play in a commercial for a local restaurant. Girl has successfully fulfilled its image, and later became part of the heroine of all kinds of advertising. In parallel, purposeful girl started attending acting classes.

At the age of sixteen Swank had a small role in the TV serial film "Evening shadow". She later starred in a soap opera, "Harry and the Hendersons". In the early 90s aspiring actress started to work in the popular long-term project "Beverly Hills 90210". Two years later, Hilary made her debut on the big screen in a secondary episode of the horror film "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." In 1994, the girl confirmed the main role in the action movie "Karate Man 4", where it appears as a high school student who decided to take martial arts to protect her boyfriend from school bullies. Preparing for the role, she spent many hours with a personal trainer. This picture is the first success of the young actress. Two years later started the mystical tape "Sometimes they come back again," Swank with one of the leading roles.

In 1999, the premiere of the cult crime drama "Boys Do not Cry", based on the real facts of life a young girl who spent her life in the male form, and after the exposure was brutally murdered. Hilary brilliantly performed the role of the protagonist, and thus earned the award "Oscar" and still a number of prestigious awards of American cinema. At the beginning of the new century came the thriller "The Gift", where the actress played a leading role. Three years later, she made her debut crime comedy "11:14", in which Swank perfectly fulfilled the image of her character, which later received the prize for that game, "Amy." The following year, the actress flashed in the sports drama "Million Dollar Baby dollars," where she played a waitress who became the absolute champion in the boxing ring. Jobs, Hilary was again awarded the golden statuette. After a successful movie actress made a two-year break, and then again started to creative life.

In ordinary life, the Hollywood star is actively involved in charity work. Thirteen years Hilary in official relations with Chad Lowe, she filed for divorce from husband of addiction to narcotic substances. Later, the actress struck up a romance with John Kampisi.