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Gallery images and information: Heath Ledger


Heath Ledger: A Biography

Heath Ledger was born April 4, 1979 in Australia. His mother taught French, my father worked as a mining engineer and keen on car racing. His children and they called Katherine Heath in honor of the heroes of "Wuthering Heights" Emily Bronte. When he was ten, my parents split up. The children remain with their mother, but his father kept them warm relations.

Heath Ledger was in high school for boys in Guildford. He grew up an active child, played for the school team in hockey, was engaged in dancing. In school, Heath had to decide on a specialization - cooking or acting. Cook himself had no idea why stop at the dramatic art. Then it was found out that Ledger has a talent. In 15 years, he has headed a group acting in high school and was finally confirmed in the future profession.

In 17 years, Heath left his home in Sydney. He was sure that the city of his dreams come true.

His first role he played in the TV series "Sweat" in 1996. Gay cyclist was as compelling - the directors noticed the young talent. The following year, on the screens out another picture of "Black Rock". Heath Ledger got small and not a very good role.
In 1997 he was invited to the role of a student who had infiltrated the works of Shakespeare, in the painting "Paws". Hit gained a small amount, but the career of the shooting have not affected.

In 1999, the actor decided to move to America. Alas, by American directors, he did not receive an offer, but his countryman Gregor Jordan gave him a starring role in "Fingers fan." Then there was another work in "10 Things I Hate", after which for Heath Ledger firmly entrenched title of "teen idol".

His first major work was the war drama "The Patriot", released in rent in 2000. For her role in the Ledger he received 100 thousand dollars. The next five years were a period of instability. The career of the actor have been successful and the failed part.
The peak of his creativity began in 2005, when there were four at the box office of the film with his participation. The most striking was the role of a gay cowboy in the film "Brokeback Mountain," Ledger's partner on the film was Jake Gyllenhaal. Heath got MTV award for best kinopotseluy, and the painting itself has collected three "Oscars", 4 "Golden Globe" and "Golden Lion".

In 2005, successfully passed the premiere of the comedy "Casanova" in which Heath Ledger starred. The following year finished shooting the film "Candy" received prizes at international film festivals.
His creative activities have been other notable work: the role of Bob Dylan biopic "I'm here no one is waiting," the Joker in "The Dark Knight," Tony, "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus."

Personal life
In Heath Ledger had a stormy personal life - for his many novels did not say except that lazy. In 1997, he met with Lisa Zane, but soon broke up with her. In 2000 he had an affair with Heather Graham.
More or less long-lasting relationships were with Heath with actress Naomi Watts. They met on the set of "Ned Kelly" in 2002 - the novel lasted almost two years.

But the summer of 2004 changed the life of Heath Ledger. On the set of "Brokeback Mountain", he met actress Michelle Williams, and she fell in love with as a boy. The couple lived in a civil marriage a little more than three years. October 28, 2005 Heath's daughter Matilda was born, and in September 2007 suddenly parted lovers. It is said that the actor suffered a painful break with Michelle, became depressed, and at the same time addicted to antidepressants.
A few months before the death of Heath Ledger is often seen in the company of the model Gemma Ward.

January 22, 2008 in an apartment in Manhattan, the actor was his housekeeper. Hit naked lying on a bed with no signs of life, lying next to the empty package of sleeping pills. Housekeeper called the police.
An autopsy failed to establish the exact cause of death, but after a toxicological examination revealed that Ledger died from acute intoxication caused by an overdose of sleeping pills and antidepressants.

Heath Ledger was a successful actor, he worked without rest, slept for two hours a day. As he spoke, the body run out of steam, and the brain continued to work without interruption. To silence the fatigue, the actor took a handful of pills.
Ledger's body is sent home to Australia. February 9 he was cremated and buried in Perth. Tribute to Heath came more than five hundred people, was among them, and Michelle Williams.