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Gallery images and information: Harrison Ford


Harrison Ford: Biography

Harrison Ford has Russian roots - his mother was a Jew of Russian origin. He himself was born in Chicago, July 13, 1942, in the American city than a childhood actor.

Harrison grew quiet child, a good student at school. Playmates had few. He is often invited to the cinema girls hoping to "steal a kiss in the back row," - it is not always able to.
After high school, he decided to become a philologist and enrolled at Ripon College, where he first came to the stage in a student setting. The experience is so impressed with the young man, he enrolled in acting classes.

Shyness Harrison Ford for a long time failed to overcome the fear of the stage and the audience, but he managed. However, participation in the performances of the students used more than a study - the actor was expelled from the last year of college, he went to conquer Hollywood. By the time the guy had graduated from the acting courses and considered himself a professional.
"Dream Factory" met his unkind. Almost 10 years had to work Harrison peddler pizza, a carpenter, to take on any other work to survive. Despite the difficulties, he did not give up and continued to attend auditions.

Personal life
Harrison Ford had three wives. With his first wife, Mary Marquardt, he met a student. They married in 1964 and have been married for 15 years. Mary Harrison gave birth to two children.

The second wife of actor - Melissa Mathison, screenwriter Steven Spielberg's iconic painting "Alien." The couple married in 1983. Harrison Ford has repeatedly said that his second wife shared his passion and lifestyle. Two years after the wedding, they purchased the land in the quiet town Viominge and built a house in this marriage were born two children.

Melissa and Harrison seemed the perfect couple, but in 2001 the marriage fell apart. The new darling of the actor Calista younger than his 20 years. They have a joint child.
In the life of an actor not like their desperate characters. He leads a solitary life, three times a week playing sports, enjoying the peace and nature. Harrison Ford says that happiness is not measured in money, and millions of royalties - a means to live as he wants.