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Gallery images and information: Guy Ritchie


Guy Ritchie: biography

Guy Ritchie was born in September 1968 in the ancient Hatfield, which is 20 miles north of London. Ritchie Family was quite respectable: John Ritchie held the prestigious post of executive director of the well-known advertising company. When Guy was 5 years old, parents divorced. Shortly after the divorce, my mother got married for the second time Sir Michael Leighton. The family settled in an old mansion of the XVII century.
He studied at Guy bad. Since childhood, he was diagnosed with a rare disease - dyslexia. He slowly recognize the words in the text, so difficult to read and write words correctly. In 15 years, the guy dropped out and went to the studio: the dream of making films appeared at an early age after watching the painting "Butch Cassidy and the Kid Sandes." At the studio Richie settled courier. To learn more, he did not consider it necessary, because of deep conviction of the future creator of the picture "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" in high schools prepared "standard" directors and sad, and he wanted to shoot bright.

Azam directing Guy Ritchie learned quite independently. Behind him, there is really no specialized schools. Young people lack experience on the move, taking over from his famous colleagues. At first, he engaged in shooting commercials and music videos. When "I filled his hand" and realized that he had grown to filming, took up his debut short film "Hard work." It is this short film begins creative biography of Guy Ritchie. 20-minute tape was released in 1995 and received nice reviews. It came to mind even Sting. He was very impressed by the author's handwriting of a young director and energy. And yet - the lack of blood and violence on the screen. Ritchie has managed to portray the violence without naturalism, but only referring to it.

Flushed Guy Ritchie went to work on the second tape. The script for the next movie "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", he wrote himself. Fortunately, at that time already had computers, and they had a wonderful program, correcting grammatical errors. But the young creator was faced with another obstacle: no one wanted to finance the painting by an unknown director without solid experience behind him. Three years Guy Ritchie carefully selected the cast and honed every moment of the future tape. He managed to convince sponsors to invest in the shooting, and the work has begun to boil.

The picture appeared on the screens in 1998 and made Guy Ritchie at the peak of popularity. It starred and Sting. The film was a huge success and today considered a cult classic. The "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" - low-budget film. On its creation it went just 1.5 million pounds, which is very modest sum.

With funding from the following picture of Guy Ritchie's problems have not arisen. In 2000 came the film "Snatch." The starring Brad Pitt. The famous actor had asked the director to give him a role, as it was under the strong impression from the previous tape Richie. "Snatch" finally secured the glory of Gaia, as a director, and brought a new wave of love and spectator revenues.
In 2001, Richie starts filming the picture "Gone," in which the main role played by the singer and his wife Louise Ciccone, known as Madonna. Critics trashed the tape. Do not approved it and the audience. The failure was very painful perceived by the director, and for a while he even stopped work.

Another Ritchie movie called "Revolver" was released in 2005.. In general, the picture turned out a successful detective, although critics have taken it cool. But Richie audience success helped regain confidence and begin filming the next picture. In 2008th on the screens out comedy "RocknRolla", warmly greeted the audience and film critics.
The following year, fans were able to enjoy the talent Richie his new creation, in which Guy and appeared as an actor. Picture of "Sherlock Holmes" Briton brought a new batch of fame and status as the new face of cinema Britain. The success inspired a sequel of his paintings, titled "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows." The tape was released in 2011.
In August 2015, the premiere of Guy Ritchie's new picture "Agents A.N.K.L.." This film is based on the same series of the 1960s. The plot - the battle of the CIA and the KGB, whose agents are competing with each other.
At the moment, Guy Ritchie is full of creative plans and is busy on the set of the new picture. This adventure film based on the legend of King Arthur. It is planned that the premiere will take place in the United States in the winter 2016. On the domestic screens tape will be released in June 2016.

Personal life
Guy Ritchie and Madonna met through Sting and his wife Trudie. In December 2000, the wedding took place. The ceremony was closed as much as possible, and was attended by a limited number of guests. The wedding was couched in the traditions of Scotland, and was held in the ancient Scottish castle Skibo.

In August 2001, the couple had a son, Rocco. And in November 2008, Guy and Madonna divorced.
In 2011, 5-year-old novel by Guy Ritchie with model Jacqui Ainsley culminated in the birth of his son Raphael. In the 2012th and 2014th were born two daughters - Rivka Levy. In July of 2015, Guy Ritchie and Jacqui Ainsley legalized relationship.