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Gallery images and information: Gerard Depardieu


Gerard Depardieu: biography

The star of French cinema Gerard Depardieu was born in December 1948 in the city of Chateauroux, in a poor family of illiterate tinsmith Rene. Postwar family time was very difficult. Rene earned was not enough for anything. Depardieu existed on welfare. The first-born, the elder brother of Gerard Allen, was born in the 1945th. Two years later, a daughter Elena. And when Gerard was born a year later, they were added to the material problems of the family. Rene began to disappear from home and all the money guzzle. For seven years, Gerard appeared two more brothers and a sister.

A hard life made harsh and uncaring parents. The lack of parental attention Gerard stuttered, preferring to communicate by gestures or to remain silent. Despite all the problems, the boy started school studied well, but then he started training.

The 1951st Chateauroux according to the strategy of NATO settled American airbase. For local residents, and Gerard of this event was of great importance. The base was the island where it was possible to take up the American music, culture, and, most importantly, the movies. The first American films Gerard Depardieu in adolescence it looked at the air base of NATO.

Over time, the behavior and performance of Gerard greatly deteriorated. Difficult teenagers left the classroom for another year. Finally in 1962, Gerard received the document incomplete secondary education and relief left the school walls. Tall, looking much older than a teenager once got a job to the printer. In addition, Gerard was in dubious company peers, stole fuel at the air base and engaged in other unsightly things. Once in the house Depardieu came to police with a search warrant. Nothing was found in the home, parents are advised to send the guy to the colony for difficult teenagers. Father refused. But soon, Gerard still hit for three weeks in prison, trapped now in the hot. He was only 16 years old, so the guy fired.

Maybe Gerard would have remained in Chateauroux, if one of his friends called Depardieu to visit him in Paris. Other training to acting classes. Ran away from home to Gerard there is no difficulty - he did it regularly, and the guy went to Paris. And there went in company with a friend to see what he is doing on courses.
One of the eccentric teachers noticed a tall guy stands out sharply from the rest, and offered him a pantomime show on a given topic. For Gerard, who had extensive experience with gestures to express himself, this task was easy. Seen well liked teacher, he offered to remain artistic guy. So Gerard Depardieu began to study the courses of the famous French theater art teacher Jean-Laurent Cochet.

Gerard Depardieu: movies
Cochet immediately sent a new listener to the speech therapist. And even pay for the treatment. Grateful Gerard, from childhood felt such care very quickly changed. He tirelessly perfected: correcting pronunciation, reading classic literature, went to art exhibitions and museums. More diligent student Monsieur Cochet was not.
Film biography of Gerard Depardieu began in the mid-60s. Gerard debut role - he played beatnik in a short film Lenardta "and hipster lady" is very consistent with the internal content. Next was a nameless hippie feature film Varda "Nausicaa". I must say that this was the period when the French film industry has turned from annoying refined beauties to the hippies and beatniks brutal, so like the youth audience.
The early 1970s was a wonderful start of a cinematic career, Gerard Depardieu. He has appeared in several high-quality paintings, the most significant of which is a melodrama Jacques Dere "little sun in cold water", the crime drama Jose Giovanni "Skumon: Profit trouble" and the drama Margot avangardistki Duras "Nathalie Granger".

Wake up the famous role helped Depardieu Jean-Claude in a provocative tape by Bertrand Blier "Going Places". It was the 1973rd year. The film shows the life of a picturesque charming idlers who loved to live fast and easy to get involved in different criminal adventure. In general, Gerard was lucky to play again himself with what he did well. The film was a huge success. Some loved it, others criticized, but it was not indifferent. Depardieu becomes unprecedented popular.

But Gerard did not want to stay forever in the same role. He wanted to play other images and characters. And he did it in the movie "Last Woman" and "Get Out Your Handkerchiefs."
Soon Depardieu showered awards. The first cinema award "Cesar" was obtained for the artist melodrama Truffaut's "The Last Metro". It was followed by others.
Initially 80th Gerard began appearing in comedy films, received a new wave of adoration and popularity of the public. Few remain indifferent viewing movies "Inspector-cuckoo" and "Tartuffe." And when Depardieu appeared on the screens in tandem with Pierre Richard, then it fell off a huge success. The first film in a comedy duo was the comedy "unlucky."
In the mid-80s Gerard Depardieu has already been recognized by all the star of world cinema. Equally brilliant actor played a role in the tapes of different genres: Comedy, Action, Drama.
No worse than met the actor and the beginning of the 90s. He appeared in "Cyrano de Bergerac", which played a major role, and his beloved. Gerard once again proved that he can transform into a stroke of genius radically different images. For Cyrano de Bergerac Depardieu was awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, and the film won the "Oscar" somewhat "Cesar", "Palme d'Or" and other awards.

Gerard Depardieu: Hollywood
After painting "Cyrano de Bergerac" in front of Gerard Depardieu he opened the doors of Hollywood. Together with Andy McDowell actor starred in the film "The residence permit." For this role he received the "Golden Globe". Next was the comedy "Les Anges gardiens" where Gerard Depardieu on a par with Christian Clavier made a brilliant duo that made everyone laugh to tears. The romantic-heroic image admirers saw Depardieu favorite artist in the film adaptation of the novel of Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo. " "Asterix and Obelix against Caesar", where Gerard appeared in the opposite way, too, caused great excitement.
In 1997, for their considerable achievements in world cinema Depardieu won the prestigious prize of the Venice Film Festival cinematic - the "Golden Lion".