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Gallery images and information: Gerard Butler


Gerard Butler - the famous Scottish film actor, born 13 November 1969 in Scotland, Glasgow. Gerard was the third child in a Catholic family of his mother - Margaret, and his father - Edward Butler. Also, the actor has a sister and an older brother Lynn Brown. When the little Gerard was six months old, his family decided to move to live in Canada, in Montreal. His father wanted to start a business, but all efforts were in vain and end in failure, in which he accused his wife and children.

Charter tolerate this mother Butler Jr. filed for divorce. In 1972, Margaret took her children and went back to Scotland in Paisley, then she soon married. It is here that his childhood Gerard Butler, in his youth, he became interested in karate, which was about to become a champion. The family lived near the near the cinema, and Gerard Butler liked to go there with her mother. And once he even managed to persuade his mother to ensure that she brought him for a few plays.

Gerard Butler - the beginning of a stellar career
Shortly after the trial, Gerard Butler began playing in the Scottish Theatre for Youth. In twelve years, he even received, albeit small, but the role of a street boy named Oliver, staged by the Theatre Royal in Glasgow. The most interesting thing that Margaret did not approve of hobbies of his youngest son, because I believe that the acting skills - is not a profession, because you need to get an education and do something more relevant and real.
Basically, the game is on the scene in no way interfered with Gerard to be the best pupil in the class. But when was the question squarely on the choice of a specialty, the boy did not disappoint his mother and went to college at the Faculty of Law. After graduation, he went to Los Angeles to try his luck and become a famous actor. But here, yet he did not succeed, in addition to receiving minor roles.

Gerard Butler - gaining popularity
I am going to London, and then Butler has decided to try to become an actor. Soon the actor got his first professional role. After a certain period of time, he played a leading role in Ireland in a statement known as the "Eagle." By 1997, his movie career has successfully evolved, Butler made his debut in the movie "Mrs. Brown" with Judi Dench and Bill Connolly. In 1998, the actor received a small role in the film "The Tale of the Mummy. And nineties Gerard starred in a very funny series "Lucy Sullivan is getting married", while simultaneously playing in the play "One day last summer." After two roles in the films "Attila conqueror" and "Dracula 2000" Butler becomes very famous and popular.

Gerard Butler - the most notable roles
The most famous roles were in the films: "Timeline," "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life," "Phantom of the Opera." Less successful role was in a science fiction film "Beowulf & Grendel", as the film has not gained much success. Enough fame Gerard brings the role of King Leonidas in the blockbuster "300".

Gerard Butler - personal life
In the privacy of Gerard Butler alone, although sometimes there were rumors about his romances with famous stars. The only female actor, which was announced officially, is his assistant. More precisely former assistant Tonya, their romance lasted about two years. This actor is regularly credited with various collaborators and colleagues. So the media there was a rumor of a romance with Jennifer Aniston, with her he met while filming "The Bounty Hunter". Today, talking about his affair with Jessica Biel, but it's just a rumor, as the actress has recently informed all about the engagement with Justin Timberlake.

Gerard Butler - the interesting facts of life
Butler was in his time a medal for bravery when he rescued a drowning boy.
For years, the actor does not take a single drop of alcohol in the mouth.
During the filming of the movie "300", Butler had to rapidly gain weight.

Gerard Butler - day today
Recently, the actor was able to seize the role of Eric Bans thriller "Briliant" - Robert Luketic. Now he is working on this film.