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Gallery images and information: George Clooney


George Clooney - the beginning of a stellar career
Despite the ambition, talent and attractive young Clooney, numerous attempts to pass tests turned around for him nothing. To a large extent this has been the cause of his debilitating part-time work in the port at night, after which he went on auditions exhausted. And to somehow fend it took up any small role. Once he was able to play in a major role, along with Charlie Sheen, but the movie was released and did not leave.
But George Clooney is lucky in life and his career took off in an instant. In 1994, Clooney was cast Dr. Doug Ross in the TV series "ER." This series became the most popular in the US, but for the brilliant game of risk and temperamental doctor handsome George Clooney was nominated for top television awards America. It was after this work, Clooney talked about as the best young actor. In the series "ER" George Clooney starred for over 5 years.

George Clooney - gaining popularity
The real breakthrough to the top of the star George Clooney was the work in the hit movie "From Dusk Till Dawn." Renowned filmmaker Robert Rodriguez "was 10" when he took the lead role of an unscrupulous, but very charming villain young actor George Clooney. A brilliant game is a rising star Clooney lifted him to the top of popularity, he suddenly enchanted youth 90 and became the most recognizable star in Hollywood.
After such a resounding success Clooney did not go for a casting, and choose from a pile of scripts to fill it offers a stellar personality. George Clooney has shown itself as a multifaceted actor perfectly cope with any typical role. His subsequent films are successful works in film and Clooney brought recognition of the audience and many significant awards.
George Clooney is among the most beautiful men in the world and his fees have always been above $ 10 million.

George Clooney - the most important role
During his successful acting career George Clooney has starred in over 50 films and all his works were successful. Among the most significant works of George Clooney films like - "ER" (1994-2000)
- "From Dusk Till Dawn" (1996)
- "One Fine Day" (1996)
- "The Peacemaker" (1997)
- "Out of Sight" (1998)
- "The Thin Red Line" (1998)
- "Three Kings" (1999)
- "Bang" (2000)
- "Spy Kids" (2001-2003)
- "Ocean's Eleven" (2001-2007)
- "Solaris" (2002)
- "Love without rules" (2008)
- "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (2009)
- "American" (2010)
- "The Descendants" (2011)
- "Gravity" (2012).

George Clooney - personal life
"Sex symbol" of America, gorgeous brunette with expressive eyes actor George Clooney with his first appearance on the big screen, won the love of the audience all over the world and especially in females. By virtue of its high star Clooney has always pursued by paparazzi. Life of George Clooney - a permanent holiday, it is known as a fan of noisy parties, violent binge-drinking and, of course, Clooney - is the holder of one of the biggest collection of novels with the most beautiful women. Among his passions were: Michelle Pfeiffer, Cindy Crawford, Madonna, Kelly Preston (Actor greatest love) Celine Belitran and many others.

George Clooney was married to actress Talia Bals, but their marriage lasted only three years, and in 1992 they divorced. The actor has two daughters: Martin and Joyce. After a not very successful marriage Clooney made a vow to take "san" lifelong bachelor. Today continually emerge rumors of his novels, though he is in a relationship with an Italian channel VJ luxury beauty - Elizabeth Canalis.
George Clooney is a close friend of the family stellar Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but does not understand their addiction to large families. For Clooney, the famous Hollywood divas to bet $ 15 thousand for the fact that he married 40 years, but lost, and entered into the second period where indicated his marriage of 50 years, but again lost. But who knows, you may still find a woman in the world that will make the heart of George Clooney to give up his vow - an eternal bachelor.

George Clooney - Interesting Facts
George Clooney was a pet - boar Max, who weighed 126 kg. Clooney loved to take him to all parties, but the favorite actor has died at age 18 in 2006.
For over 10 years, George Clooney is the advertising face of brand watch brand "Omega".
Hobbies Clooney - is an exclusive collection of motorcycles. Another interesting fact is that George Clooney sworn never to remain celibate not for the reason he did not want to limit his freedom, but because he believes that by its very nature it can not be a good husband and a good father.

Besides the actor George Clooney activity is quite successful producer and director.
By their nature Clooney joker, and even more likely to have fun with your friends bought a luxury villa with eight bedrooms.

George Clooney - day today
Today, the world's most popular actor George Clooney is preparing to direct a big-budget film project based on the story of the return of art treasures that were stolen by the Nazis during World War II. Also, though posidevshy, but still incredibly attractive Clooney is still the same heartthrob.