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Gallery images and information: Eminem


Little-known singer Debbie Nelson at age 15 married her musician colleagues and bore him a son. The boy was named in the same way as his father - Marshall Bruce MetersIII (known as Eminem). When the future of Eminem was only six months, the father left the family. Mom constantly left her son to live with relatives or permanently moved to a toddler. As a result, the family stopped in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEast Side in Detroit. There Marshal and went to school, however, the lessons are constantly truant. And in the rare moments of change in the visit arranged rap freestyles that consistently win. Marshall was 12 years old when he and his mother finally settled in the East Detroit. And here the future of the rapper appeared in trouble. In fourth grade student terrorized every day a high school student. School had to be replaced every few months. Eminem had no one to make friends, it is difficult to learn and not get in trouble. In the winter of 1983 a coma boy was severely beaten, he spent ten days in a coma. It was a difficult childhood and years of suffering and influenced the work of Eminem. A year after the incident, Marshall with his mother back in Kansas City. There's a future celebrity meet again in Ronnie's brother, his mother, with whom the young man became friends. "My uncle was actually my best friend," - says the rapper. Ronnie was a fan of rap music and recorded several cassettes for his nephew. "And I thought, damn, that's what I can do!" - Thought then Eminem. Incidentally, when Marshall was only nine years old, his uncle brought him a cassette Ice T «Reckless», which has changed the presentation of the rap Mathers.

Already in the 13 years the boy begins to record their rap and so interested in rap music, that can not live without it any day. As a result, the future actor in the school acquired a reputation capable rapper. At the same time, and there was the name of Eminem. The 15-year-old Marshal met at the school his future wife, Kim Scott. And then the light appears his first rap group. The 17-year-old Eminem left school and began to try questionable underpaid profession. In particular, the rapper performed live at night in one of the local radio stations. 90 In 1995, Eminem made his debut in the group Soul Intent. Since it includes DJ Butterfingers and Proof (ex-musician, the D-12, as well as Eminem's best friend). On release, little is known, except that it included a track called Fucking backstabber, which is dedicated to African-American rapper Champtownu. In addition, one of the tracks Biterphobi of public opinion was the best of creativity novice musician. Today, the drive is almost impossible to get his circulation was miserable, because the sponsor could not find the group. In 1996, Eminem released his first album. It was called «Infinite», but went unnoticed because of the oversaturation of hip-hop in Detroit. Moreover, even a musician accused of copying and Az rappers Nas. «Infinite» was an album where I wanted to understand, in what style I will speak, and how I sound, present themselves, "- said the actor.