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Gallery images and information: Emily Blunt


Emily Blunt: Biography

Emily Olivia Leah Blunt was born in February 1983 in London in a respectable family. Her father - a well-known British lawyer. My mother was an actress before her marriage of theater and cinema. After the marriage, she completed an acting career and began teaching at the school.
Emily Blunt was the second child in the family. Her older sister named Felicity. Later, more were born two children - Syuzanna and Sebastian. Uncle Emily Crispin Blunt was elected to the British Parliament. Grandfather Peter Blunt - a retired major-general.

As a child, Emily was fond of horse riding and music. The girl studied singing and playing the cello. On the career haired actress Emily did not even dream since childhood she had an annoying flaw - she stuttered badly. Fix this problem helped to therapy sessions. But the greatest effect had classes in drama circle, where talented teacher taught Emily Blunt imitate other people's voices, and thus to overcome the illness.

Personal life
In 2005, Emily Blunt in Australia met with Canadian musician Michael Bublé. He struck up a romance lasted 3 years. The couple lived in the house, bought an actress in Vancouver. But 2008th this novel dried up: work schedules actress and musician did not coincide. Lovers more rarely seen that, in the end, led to a complete rupture of relations.

At the end of 2008, the personal life of Emily Blunt has gone to a new level: Anne Hathaway introduced the British star with his US counterpart, John Krasinski. Soon Blunt and Krasinski became engaged. Wedding young people played in a villa a mutual friend of George Clooney on Lake Como, Italy. The pair lives in Los Angeles.

In 2014 the couple had a daughter, Hazel, and in 2015, Emily won amerkianskoe citizenship.