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Gallery images and information: Elton John


Elton John (born Reginald Kenneth Dwight) - British singer, composer and pianist. Awarded the title of Knight and Knight of the Order of the British Empire. One of the most successful rock bands, including commercial. Seven of his drive took the leading position the Billboard 200. Elton John is a record for most albums sold, and one of the most popular British rock stars.

Elton John was born in England in 1947. Birthday celebrated worldwide rock singer celebrates the 25th of March (Aries horoscope). Elton John's father was in the military. He was rarely at home, so raising the boy's mother worked. When Elton John was a teenager, his parents divorced. His mother remarried.
Studying music singer began 4 years of age. It turned out that he has the talent - Reginald called a child prodigy. Already at age 11 he won a scholarship to the Royal Conservatory, so got the opportunity to study at this prestigious institution. Study lasted six years.

In 1960, Elton John and his friends founded the group The Corvettes. A year later she became a Bluesology. Elton John dedicated music all day and night - during the day he worked with music publishers, and at night he played in bars.
The team gained fame in the 60s has performed on tour. Soon, the team began a collaboration with Bernie Taupin. Reginald Dwight had already become Elton John. The first composition Taupin and John recorded in 1967 - Scarecrow. Later, they began to create songs for different artists. Good reviews worthy singles I've Been Loving You, Lady Samantha, Empty Sky.

Real success came to the singer after the first album saw the light of Elton John. Artist and composer bet on soulful ballads. Then I place the first concert of the singer in the United States. This was followed by a record of the football team anthem for the UK and the album Tumbleweed Connection, a year later - Madman Across the Water. The CD was an instant hit in America.
In 1973, John founded his own record label Rocket Records, whose first "child" was the album Do not Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player. An even greater popularity reached a new disc - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. In a career British artist this album is still called the best.
The next album was the Caribou, which was named "audience-oriented." Thanks to him, Elton John really became famous in the United States - was the number one plate.

Commercial success came to Elton John thanks to fruitful cooperation with Kiki Dee. Single Do not Go Breaking My Heart became the number one British and American charts. With the advent of the popularity has increased interest in the life of artist, his enthusiasm and vision. Elton John did not become longer lurk in Rolling Stone interview talked about his bisexuality.
In 1979, to please the fans, Elton John went on a world tour. He also gave four concerts in the Soviet Union - one of the first Western artists.
In 1980 he saw the release of the album "21 at 33", and has been very successful. A year later came another popular drive The Fox.
After the break associated with the treatment of eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, in 1991, Elton John released the album TwoRooms: CelebratingtheSongsofEltonJohn & BernieTaupin.
Elton John is a founder of the Foundation Elton John AIDS Foundation, which finances programs against AIDS, including research.
Almost immediately after it was released the album The One.
In 1994, Elton John, in collaboration with Tim Rice wrote the soundtracks for the animated film "The Lion King." Three of the five songs written by Elton, was nominated for the honorary "Oscar". Then the musicians involved in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and then awarded the title of Knight Bachelor.

The following well-known albums - Songs From The West Coast and the Peachtree Road.
It should be noted that all Elton John has released 29 albums and 128 singles. He also wrote the music for a number of Hollywood movies and cartoons.

The scandals and tragedies
In 1984, the famous musician, to the surprise of others, registered relationship with Renata Blayel. Two years later, he had lost his voice and did surgery on her throat. As a result, the singer's voice has changed a bit.
In 1987, the singer filed a lawsuit against the publication The Sun, which published an article that Elton John enters into sexual relations with minors.
In 1990, Elton John was recovering from alcoholism, drug addiction and bulimia. Undergoing rehabilitation, he lost weight and did a hair transplant.

Personal life
In 1976, Elton John has openly admitted his bisexuality. In 1984 he married Renate Blauel, sound engineer. The marriage lasted four years.
After the divorce, the singer fell into a depression, abuse of illicit drugs and alcohol. From all these misfortunes saved him meeting with David Furnish. Once in the UK allowed same-sex marriages, the couple were married.
In 2009, Elton John and his husband tried usynovich HIV-positive Ukrainian orphan boy, but the Ukrainian authorities did not give their consent, since the concept of same-sex marriage in the country's legislation does not exist. Partners have found a way through the problem of surrogacy. In 2010, the surrogate mother gave birth to their son Zacharias, in 2013 - another son Elijah.