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Gallery images and information: Edward Norton


Edward Norton: biography

Edward Harrison Norton was born in August 1969 in Boston (Massachusetts, USA), but grew up in Columbia (Maryland, USA). With the birth of a boy and his sister Molly expected to provide life: his mother, Robin was a teacher and his father, Edward Sr. - a lawyer. But most famous grandfather, Edward, "inventor" of supermarkets, the architect, the famous planner housing for low-income people and the author of a number of tourist centers in the city of Boston.

Edward Norton started to think about how to link his biography to the stage as a child. He "Acting ill" at 6 years old, when I watched the play "If I was a princess." Famous actor confesses that at the time could not take his eyes off the "magic of the theater, the scene struck him on the spot." After some time, a small Colombian Edward began to attend the school of theatrical art, and in eight years he made his debut in the local setting.
The boy surprised teachers drama club his serious approach to the actor's case, sometimes placing them in a deadlock tricky questions about his character or superidea interesting interpretation of the role played. For Norton scene became thus a place where he could be himself, he could freely express accumulated on the heart. For him, life was a real theatrical mother's and father's well-balanced breakfast of lectures about the necessity of a classical education.

Wilde Lake finished school in 1985, Edward Norton, at the behest of parents enrolled in Yale University. In the next five years was a prestigious institution for a guy in prison, the salvation of which were performances at the Yale School of Drama, where he is actively improving his acting skills.
After receiving a bachelor's degree stories, Edward, once again succumbing to the influence of parents, went to Osaka (Japan) to work in the company of his grandfather's "Enterprise Fondeyshn." Through hard work, he rose to a member of the board of directors, however, returned to the United States, Norton could no longer pretend. One day he just came to the service. Edward Act has caused a scandal in the family home, but the conversation with my father was quite brief: "You can not drop everything! You know that you betrayed me ?! "-" I understand, but soon you will forgive me. Surrender yourself worse. "

A week passed Norton minute listening to the famous playwright Edward Albee and won the role in the play "Fragments" - and began his artistic activity in the theater «Signature» in New York.

Edward Norton: Movies
For Edward Norton's debut was the role of a sociopath prisoner of Aaron in the thriller "Primal Fear," published in 1996. He received the "Golden Globe" for his work in the film and was nominated for "Oscar" as Best Supporting Actor.

Subsequently, he was repeatedly nominated for, including Best Actor at a game of neo-Nazis in the film "American History X". American actor was nominated for the award for the serious part in the film adaptation of the novel "Fight Club" by Chuck Palahniuk, but came to him real fame.
In 2000, Edward Norton tried his hand as a director, removing the romantic comedy "Keeping the Faith," which did not jibe with his swashbuckling roles. This tape he dedicated to his mother, Robin, who died of brain cancer in 1997, a reporter's question, what is special about it is found in the work of the film director, Edward said: "Eerie stress. Grey Hair. Diseased liver. And a lot of pleasure from the fact that, as a conductor, led the orchestra a lot of people with their ideas, concerns and findings. "

Norton played himself in the television series "Stella." Also received positive reviews from critics for the game in the movie "Kingdom of Heaven," "The Illusionist," "The Incredible Hulk." In 2014, Edward played the role of a Broadway actor in the comedy "Birdman". His work has received numerous awards and high ratings of World Film.
Together with producer Bill Migliore and writer Stuart Blumberg, Edward Norton created the company «Class 5 Films».

Edward Norton: love life
Edward Norton were pretty close relationship with popular actresses Salma Hayek and Drew Barrymore. He also met with the singer Courtney Love, which toured as a session guitarist in the band Hole.

Since 2011, Edward made an offer to the producer Sean Robertson. The couple married in 2012. In March 2013 the couple had a son Atlas.
Edward Norton speaks Japanese. He is a fan of the band Black Flag.

Norton was a supporter of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, a critic of George W. Bush. He even produced the film about US President Barack Obama (By the People: The Election of Barack Obama).