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Gallery images and information: Eddie Murphy


Eddie Murphy  - actor, writer and producer of African-American born in New York in 1961, April 3. Mother's father was a policeman and died when Eddie was 8 years old. Raising boys engaged mother and stepfather, who drew attention to the enthusiasm of the young Eddie cinema and theater, so it strongly encouraged.

With 15 years Eddie serves youth clubs with the author's thumbnail. Murphy's success in conversational genre has not gone unnoticed. The owners of the club "page of humor" Richard Tink and Robert Wachs Eddie arranged an audition for the popular TV show "Saturday Night Live." Comic actor's talent made the audience laugh to tears, and parodies in his performance enjoyed great popularity.

Eddie Murphy - Home stellar career

Eddie Murphy fame grew, his twice nominated for the prestigious "Emmy", but he never received it. The debut took place on the silver screen in 1982. At the police thriller "48 hours" Murphy played the role of Reggie Hammond, who was released from prison, to unravel the murder of police officers. Actor literally stunned the audience comic skill. The success of the painting has surpassed the wildest expectations, and Eddie Murphy has become a real "star" of Hollywood.

The audience and critics enthusiastically welcomed a new job in the film Murphy D. Landis "changing places". Great charisma of the actor, his plastic and facial expressions literally captivated the audience. Critics noted that the energy, ingenuity and comic episodes luxury smile Eddie was forced to talk about the "phenomenon Murphy."

Eddie Murphy - Gaining Popularity
In 1984, the screens out the film "Beverly Hills Cop," which Eddie Murphy brought a stunning success. The painting is full of car chases, shootouts, fights and, of course, a great sense of humor, Eddie. Certainly, many of the fans, and now carefully preserved in the home collection cassettes with this wonderful film.
The success of "Beverly Hills Cop" has led to a lot of diverse roles. Among the best it can be called Prince Akim's role in the movie 1988 "Coming to America". At the same time the actor tries his hand as a director. Unfortunately, the movie "Harlem Nights" had no box-office success.
In 1996, Murphy played his best role - Sherman Klump in "The Nutty Professor". Simultaneously with the filming in the movie, Eddie was actively engaged in writing their own music albums, among them: "Eddie Murphy" (1982), "Love's Alright" (1993) and voiced cartoons. Fans of the actor's remarkable talent, of course, know that the donkey from "Shrek," says the voice is Eddie Murphy.

Eddie Murphy - The most notable roles
During his kareru Murphy starred in more than 30 films. The peak of popularity came in the 80s. Among his roles met and frankly bad as critics very unflattering comments about the pictures, "Boomerang" and "Vampire in Brooklyn." But, of course, successful role was much more. This is the "Dr. Dulloo," "The Nutty Professor," "Dreamgirls" and many others.
2007 Eddie Murphy brought the "Golden Globe" for his role in the film by Bill Condon, "Dreamgirls." He also was awarded the prestigious award "Saturn" for the film "The Nutty Professor".

Eddie Murphy - personal life
Personal life Murphy recalls the endless soap opera. Suffice it to recall that the actor has eight children, and, by different women. According to the publication US Weekly is now 51-year-old Eddie meets a famous singer Toni Braxton. Previously, Murphy was married to model Nicole Mitchell, but in 2006 they divorced. Another friend of the actor became a member of the popular group Spice Girls Melanie Brown. This novel was actively discussed in the "yellow" press. Murphy threw a mistress pregnant, and flatly refused to acknowledge paternity. DNA analysis confirmed that Angel Iris is his daughter.

Eddie Murphy - Interesting Facts
Eddie Murphy, like Bruce Willis, did not act in supporting roles, not yet become a real "star".
Already in the 30 years the actor unanimously called "World star comedy," as the title of the monetary value exceeds the sum of one billion dollars.
Murphy made his stage debut in the role of stand-up-comedian in 15 years, and in 19 he had already played in super popular "Saturday Night Live".

Eddie Murphy - day today
In 2012 planned output of two films with Eddie Murphy: "Beverly Hills 4" and "incredibly diminished man." Murphy - absolute phenomenon of comedy, and it can not be confused with anyone else. He gives the impression of a talented actor, kind and open person. And fans of the talent of this amazing actor probably see a lot more stunning movies with Eddie, funny and cute, like the previous ones.