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Gallery images and information: Demi Moore


Demetria Gene Harmon was born November 11, 1962 in Roswell, New Mexico, USA. Father - Charles Harmon Air Force pilot, had left her mother Virginia (née King) to the birth of his daughter. When Demi was three months old, her mother married an advertising manager Dan Hynes, who change jobs frequently. As a result, the family constantly moved from place to place.

The aspiring actress grew up in a dysfunctional family. Her mother Victoria several times was arrested for drunk driving and arson. At Moore has stepbrothers - Hynes Morgan, Charles Harmon and James Craig Harmon, and Harmon stepsister Sharshlotta Eggar. In 1978, mother and stepfather Demi divorced, and in 1980 Dan Hynes at the age of 37 years committed suicide.

Demi Moore: "My childhood was overshadowed by the eternal scandals at home, drinking stepfather-gambler, poverty. I did not know that such a warm home. In search of good luck we moved from place to place, changing as many as four dozen cities. And then the stepfather committed suicide, and then I found out that he did not own father and my real, biological father ran immediately after I was born, and was behind bars. "
At 16, Demi left school «Fairfax High School» in West Hollywood and got a job at a model agency «Elite Modeling Agency». On the advice of roommates Nastassja Kinski, future star went into acting and drama courses.

February 8, 1980 18-year-old Demetrius married rock musician Freddie Moore, whom she met in August 1979 in a nightclub. August 7th, 1985 Demi Moore and Freddy, who was older than her 12 years, divorced.
Demi Moore: "Reckless company my husband, rock musician Freddie Moore, made me almost a complete alcoholic. If not for the passionate desire to become an actress, I would not have to deal with this scourge. "
In 1981, Demi Moore made her debut in the movie, playing a cameo role in the drama "Election." Then she starred in the television series "General Hospital" (1982-1983) and in the youth film "Blame It on Rio" (1984), "St. Elmo's fire" (1985), "Regarding what happened last night ..." (1986 ) and etc.

21 November 1987 Demi got married for the second time. Her husband was the "Die Hard" Bruce Willis. In marriage, the actors were born daughter Rumer Glenn (1988), Scout LaRue (1991) and Tallulah Belle (1994). In 2000, after 13 years of marriage, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis divorced.

Demi Moore: "... I immediately felt alienated Bruce. He'd not extremely marital fidelity, and even now ... And I filed for divorce. However, I do not want to blame him: perhaps their indifference Bruce just wanted to show that nothing terrible has happened, it's all right. "
In 1988, Moore starred in the drama of Charles Schulz's "Seventh Sign," which earned her first fame.
Success came to the actress in 1990. In rolling out the picture "Ghost" starring starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. The tape was a commercial success, has become very popular among viewers and brought the actress award «Saturn Award» in the category "Best Actress."
In 1991, along with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, became co-owner of the restaurant chain "Planet Hollywood".

Demi Moore starred in such popular films as "A Few Good Men" (1992), "Indecent Proposal" (1993), "Disclosure" (1994), "Strip" (1996), "If These Walls Could Talk" (1996 ), "GI Jane" (1997), which made her a world star and one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. However, due to the fact that most of her paintings failed at the box office, Demi's career went into decline.
In 2003, after a break of several years, Moore has again started to act in films. She played in the film "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" (2003), "demi-monde" (2006), "Bobby" (2006), "without blemish" (2007), "Mr. Brooks "(2007)," The Joneses "(2009)," Margin "(2011)," Summer. Classmates. Love "(2012)," It is very good girls "(2013) and others.
In the same year, Demi started dating actor Ashton Kutcher, which is younger than her 15 years. September 24, 2005 the actors were married. At the wedding were invited about 150 guests, including ex-husband Bruce Willis.

In 2009, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher founded the Foundation «The Demi And Ashton Foundation», whose purpose - combating the sexual exploitation of children and sexual slavery around the world. The Foundation raises funds for the rehabilitation of victims of violence, as well as programs designed to change the attitude of the victims, which in many countries are subjected to persecution and condemnation. In 2012 the project changed its name to «Thorn».

In 2011, Demi Moore made an official statement to the press to break off relations with her husband. His reason was a fleeting romance with Ashton's 22-year-old blonde Sara Leal, who told the world the details of a night spent with Kutcher.
In 2012, Kutcher has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles for divorce. Demi is very hard going through a break with Kutcher - shortly after he announced he was leaving her, the actress was taken to hospital with poisoning caused by inhaling laughing gas (nitrous oxide).
In court, Moore accused her husband of adultery and demanded considerable compensation. November 27, 2013 Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher officially divorced.

In 2014, in the press there were rumors that Demi Moore meets with two boyfriends at the same time. Moore first spotted on the beach in Mexico with a 27-year-old musician Sean Fraydeem, and then saw her 23-year-old actor Alex Pettyfer.

▪ Award «Saturn Award» in the category "Best Actress" for the film "Ghost" (1991)
▪ The award "People's Choice» / «People's Choice Awards» in the nomination "Best Actress - Drama" (1993)
▪ Award «MTV Movie Awards» in the nomination "Best Kiss" for the film "Indecent Proposal" (with Woody Harrelson, 1994)
▪ The award "People's Choice» / «People's Choice Awards» in the nomination "Best Actress - Drama" (1996)
▪ Two award "Golden Raspberry» / «Razzie Awards» in the "Worst Actress" for the film "Striptease" and "Junior" (1997) and in the "worst display duo" for the film "Striptease" (with Burt Reynolds, 1997 )
▪ Award "Golden Raspberry» / «Razzie Awards» in the "Worst Actress" for the film "GI Jane" (1998)
▪ Award "Golden Raspberry» / «Razzie Awards» in the category "Worst Supporting Actress" for the film "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" (2004)
▪ Award Hollywood Film Festival in the category "Ensemble of the Year" for the film "Bobby" (2006)

Personal life:
First husband - Freddie Moore, a rock musician (1980-1985)
Second husband - Bruce Willis, actor (1987-2000)
The third husband - Ashton Kutcher, actor (2005-2013)
Daughter - Rumer Glenn Willis (08/16/1988), from his second marriage
Daughter - Scout Larue Willis (20.07.1991), from his second marriage
Daughter - Tallulah Belle Willis (02/03/1994), from his second marriage

- Emilio Estevez, actor (1986)
- Oliver Whitcomb, an instructor in martial arts (1999-2002)
- Vito Schnabel, art dealer (2012)
- Peter Morton, founder of «Hard Rock Cafe» (2013)
- Sean Fried, musician (rumored, 2014)
- Alex Pettyfer, an actor (rumored 2014)