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Gallery images and information: Danny Devito


Biography Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito, Michael was born on October 17, 1944 in the town of Neptune, the US state of New Jersey. Dad was the owner of a small boy's barbershop. From the early years, the future actor was distinguished by low growth and excessive fullness. Daniel studied at school are not particularly good, but since childhood he was very artistic. Having received secondary education, the guy began to help his father, later he worked with his sister in the salon. After a while, Daniel went to New York, where he successfully passed the selection to the Academy in the master makeup. In parallel, he went to lessons in the art of acting. After finishing school, the young man moved to Los Angeles, where he began to storm the various auditions and screen tests, but within two years the guy was not lucky.

At the age of twenty-seven young man he got a tiny role in the film "Bananas". This was followed by a few small, but bright scenes on various projects. Three years later, the premiere of the cult drama "Flew Over the Cuckoo," where an aspiring actor brilliantly created the image of one of the patients of psychiatric hospitals. After this work career Danny sharply went up the hill. Soon DeVito appeared in the successful film "Ruthless People," which later was a huge success. In the late 80s, Danny flashed in the film "Valentine". In 1982, DeVito invited to the shooting of the drama "Terms of Endearment", tells the story of a difficult dialogue mother and daughter for a long time. A year later, the premiere of the adventure film "Romancing the Stone" where Danny skillfully played the role of the dealer in stolen antiquities. But after twelve months, started the second part of the hit called "Jewel of the Nile", where colleagues DeVito on film sets again made Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.

After he flashed an actor in the comedy "Clever boys", which appeared in the form of a gangster. In the same year came the tape "Ruthless People," in which Danny played a millionaire, decided to kill his wife bothered. At the end of the 80s comedy debut picture "Twins," where the screen was the brother of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. In 1992, DeVito played the role of the main villain, who has decided to establish their own order in the city, kinokomiks "Batman Returns." But critics greeted this movie is pretty cool. Danny also shone in the popular television serial film "Friends." In the entertaining film "Get Shorty," DeVito appeared in the image of a movie star. A year later, the premiere of the sci-fi movie "Mars Attacks!", Where the actor has fulfilled its role perfectly habitue of gambling establishments. In the late 90s started biographical drama "Man on the Moon" with Danny. This painting tells the story of a famous comedian in the past Andy Kaufman. In the new century Hollywood actor continued successful career. A fantastic tragicomedy "Big Fish," which DeVito has created an image of the circus director. At the moment, Danny is one of the most frequently filmed actors of American cinema.

In 1982, DeVito married girlfriend Rie Perlman, and a year later was born baby spouses. Rhea gave birth to a second girl in the mid-80s, and two years later nakonets what appeared heir spouses.