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Gallery images and information: Daniel Craig


Daniel Craig was born March 2, 1968 in England. His father, Tim Craig for his life mastered several professions were steelworkers and engineer and owner of the pub, as well as a merchant seaman. Her mother, Olivia Craig was always interested in art and worked as a teacher.
At one point, Daniel's parents split up and his mother had to bring up a four-year Denny and his older little sister Leah. In order not to lose heart, Olivia plunged into the work of the Liverpool Public Theatre: one half of the life of the little Danny was held in the auditorium, the second - behind the scenes. He already wanted to become an actor.

Daniel Craig was in Hilbruskoy high school, much zeal for knowledge Sciences did not show, but happy in sports and read. Their family had to move often, they lived in Liverpool, then in the vicinity. And wherever you live, Daniel missed matches of "Liverpool", in those days it was just a golden age.

Mother always wanted his son's life was stable in the future, which could give the profession of actor. But, nevertheless, it is, when I heard about the audition by the National Youth Theatre in Manchester, without a moment's hesitation, went to Craig. His debut was the role of Agamemnon in the creation of Shakespeare's "Troilus and Cressida". At the theater young actor had the opportunity to go on tour in various countries, as well as in Russia and Spain.

At the same time the troupe was never enough money, and they had to look for jobs in several places, so that at least a little to improve their financial situation. At this time, Daniel Craig has worked as a janitor and a waiter, but he knew that for a professional acting career needed a proper education. He enters the school of dramatic art and music in the Barbican.

Daniel Craig - the beginning of a stellar career
Even during the study Daniel Craig received his first role in the film "The Power of One" in 1992. He plays an unscrupulous and cruel war, what makes an indelible impression on the producers. Not surprisingly, the next role in the TV series "The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones" in 1992 and "negative".

Daniel Craig - gaining popularity
Daniel Craig is actively cooperating with the television and frequently appears in various series, so it becomes a recognizable identity. Also, he continues to play on the stage. Particularly it became popular in theater circles its role of homosexuals in the production of "Angels in America." She brought him tremendous success.
In 1995, Daniel Craig plays a small role in the movie "The Kid in King Arthur", and in 1997 - in the film-drama "Obsession." So year after year, gradually began to develop his film career. Since 2001, the actor begins filming in Hollywood.

Daniel Craig - the most notable roles
World famous Daniel Craig gained after the role played by James Bond in the movie "Casino" Royal "" 2006. In 2008, he starred in the James Bond sequel titled "Quantum of Solace." Many were puzzled at first, since the low-blonde does not correspond to the image of Bond, but after the first picture of a different actor in the role of critics imagined.

Daniel Craig - personal life
Daniel Craig got married for the first time in 1992. His choice was the Scottish actress Fiona Loudon. Their daughter was born a year later, Ella, and even after a while the couple parted. However, they remain friends and together bring Ella.
In 1997, the actor met with the actress from Germany Heike Makatsh, with whom he lived in a civil marriage for seven years.
In summer 2011 Daniel Craig in New York, secretly married to actress Rachel Weisz. They met in December 2010 and met with the joint participation in the work on the film "Dream House", where they played a married couple. Their wedding was only four guests, one of them was already an adult daughter Ella and Rachel's son - Henry, who at that time was four years old.

Daniel Craig - Interesting Facts
Daniel Craig hates melting, which forced him to wear a producer in the film "Casino Royale". He admitted in an interview that never in my life not to wear them. He also fervently rooting for a football club English "Liverpool". And recently, the actor told a journalist that he did not like his knees.

Daniel Craig - day today
In 2012, Great Britain is celebrating 60 years since the beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Also marks the half-century series of films about James Bond. On this occasion, Daniel Craig was invited to open the Olympic Games. Also, he will star in the video, dedicated to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, in his familiar role - James Bond.
Craig signed a contract for four films about the agent 007. Now he starred in another series of super-agent named «Skyfall».