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Gallery images and information: Charlie Chaplin


Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, better known to us as Charlie Chaplin, was born in April 1889. The family variety of actors of London music hall, he was the first common child. Before her marriage with her father, Charlie - Charles Spencer Chaplin - Hannah gave birth to her first son Sidney Hill. His father was a Jew Hawks. But after marriage Sydney Hill as the half-brother of Charlie Chaplin's name was.

Early childhood, Charlie and his brother Sid was happy. My father was extremely popular. He had a pleasant baritone regularly invited to the London music halls and toured Europe. Soon, however, had a problem with alcohol previously worsened, and 37-year-old Chaplin Sr. died in a London hospital.

The widowed mother of Charlie continued to perform in a music hall, but she started having problems with the larynx. One 5-year-old Charlie Chaplin, whose mother is constantly took with him, had to replace my mother. When she was not able to finish singing the song, the boy went directly to the stage and began to sing himself. Tenderness spectators pelted him with coins and small denominations. Charles, throwing sing, to the laughter of the audience gathered money and only then dopel. Perhaps, then began the creative biography of Charlie Chaplin.
At the same time, and his childhood was over. Hannah was no longer able to speak. And soon, when the boy was 7 years old, his mother lost her mind, and she was placed in a psychiatric hospital. Charlie and Sid were in an orphanage.
The 9-year-old Charlie Chaplin was admitted to the dance group "Eight Lancashire guys." It was here that he first amused the audience by depicting a cat on a Christmas pantomime in 1900. But a year later, Charlie left the band. He had to make a living and simply did not have time to engage in and attend school. Charlie Chaplin worked wherever it took. He sold newspapers, helping nurses in the hospital, he worked in a printing house.
In 14 years, the dream came true Chaplin: Charlie has been accepted for a permanent job in the theater and got the role of a messenger in the production of "Sherlock Holmes." It is noteworthy that the teenager was illiterate. Therefore, the role helped him learn brother Sid.

Personal life
Life of Charlie Chaplin - is 4 marriage and 12 children (one of them recognized the non-native genetic examination).
The first wife was Mildred Harris actor. However, the actors live only 2 years. Their first-born Norman died shortly after birth. From the second wife Cast Grey Chaplin lived for 4 years. To marry a 16-year-old Lita, Charlie had to take her to Mexico, where the marriage was registered. In this union were born sons of Charlie Chaplin (junior) and Sydney Chaplin. During divorce proceedings Artist Lite paid as compensation for the time a huge amount of money: according to various estimates, from 700 to 850 thousand dollars.

With his third wife Paulette Goddard Chaplin lived from 1932 to 1940, the second year. After a divorce and moving to Switzerland Paulette he married the writer Erich Maria Remarque.

The fourth wife of British actor - Oona O'Neill. Their wedding took place in 1943. Una was younger than her husband of 36 years. Together they lived until his death Chaplin. In this marriage were born three sons and five daughters. The last child was born, when the comedian turned '72.