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Gallery images and information: Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee - famous master of martial arts, Hong Kong and American actor, film director, producer and screenwriter. It can rightly be called a legend, which, thanks to his ability to found a huge number of followers worldwide.

Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940 in San Francisco. His parents were Lee Hoi Chuen and Grace Lee. The head of the family - the actor Chinese opera, which is well earned. According to the Chinese calendar, the boy was born in the Year of the Dragon and at the hour of the Dragon, which is why he was given the name Li Xiaolong, which translates to Little Dragon. According to Chinese beliefs, the children must have some names in order to protect them from evil spirits. Subsequently, the mother gave her son the name of Bruce Lee Chzhenfan, which means "Go back."

Living in Hong Kong, the couple went to America for a theater tour. And when it became clear that a pregnant Grace is no longer able to continue the trip due to close confinement, she remained in San Francisco. Immediately after the birth one of the nurses suggested that the boy called American named Bruce: By the way, about that name no one remembered to Bruce Lee moved to America.
A child growing up in Hong Kong. Incredibly, as a child, Bruce was enough "sickly" child, and despite the fact that interest in the martial arts are not seriously addicted. The guy does not differ much success in school. In 12 years, the boy was sent to study at the college all-round development "La Salle." The 13-year-old Bruce began attending dance classes, and four years later won the championship of the cha-cha-cha, held in Hong Kong.

When Bruce Lee was 19 years old, he decided to move to the United States, thus confirm the receipt of their birthright American citizenship. First he went to San Francisco and then to Seattle, where he began as a waiter in one of the local restaurants. During these years he graduated from Edison Technical School and went on to study at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Washington.

As a teenager, Bruce Lee decided to master the kung fu - the skills he needed to stand up for themselves in street fights. Parents approved of the choice of his son and sent him to study the art of Wing Chun master Yip Man to. Through dance man I had excellent coordination that helped him in the shortest possible time to master the basics of technology Taytszisyuan. Since then, Bruce Lee never left the training. Learning Bruce style involves fighting without weapons, although later he mastered them and - best athlete treated nunchaku.

Later, Lee mastered judo, jiu-jitsu and boxing. In addition, he contributed to the martial arts, to develop a new style of kung fu called Jeet Kune Do. By the way, he taught this style in his own martial arts school, which opened in 1961 in the years of his life in the United States. The lessons were expensive ($ 275 per hour), but the school is Bruce Lee was one fundamental difference from similar educational institutions - it taught all comers, regardless of nationality, while others were taken to train masters only Asians.

As a teacher, Bruce himself never ceased to improve their skills in kung fu, bringing each movement to perfection. He even created his own system of power, and later published his training methods, have earned worldwide popularity.