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Gallery images and information: Benedict Cumberbatch


Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch - the most "fashionable" modern British actor of theater and cinema. The most popular spectator he won thanks to the triumphant role in the TV series "Sherlock", where he showed his acting professionalism at the highest level. The path to glory was full of exciting and vibrant roles, which allowed him to become the owner of the title of genius movies industrial, the magnet attracts the eye of millions of viewers to his charismatic image.
The fate of the future star was predetermined from the very birth. Benedict Cumberbatch was born July 19, 1976 in a family of well-known and acclaimed actors of the English theater Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch. The parents gave the boy a perfect prestigious education at Harrow School, has published a number of prominent individuals known worldwide.
Before you go to college, the young man goes round the world trip, which lasted about a year to get enough experience. During this time, Cumberbatch deeply learned "charm" of the lives of people outside of London, and even mastered the profession of a teacher, began teaching English at the high-altitude Tibetan monastery.
After such a strengthening of its own spirit and all-round development of personality Benedict Cumberbatch he returned home and became a student at the University of Manchester, and after additional education at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.
It should be noted that the appearance of the actor as uncommon as his versatile acting talent. Benedict Cumberbatch, whose height is 183 cm, has a rather unnatural masculine look. Curly blond hair, large almond-shaped eyes, elongated head, disarming smile and allow it to be royal to transform into any role and attract the attention of others in any crowd.
Benedict Cumberbatch: movies
Active professional career began in 2001 on the stage of the UK's largest theaters. At that time, the young man was playing the role of the first plan in the classical plays, for which he was awarded prestigious prizes.
In parallel, the star of the theater tried himself as a film actor, having played a few bit parts in small short films. Also coming Sherlock actively participated in various TV projects, where he distinguished himself in all its glory. Ambitious, bright, textured and expressive actor who can suddenly transform and get used to their roles, swept a wave of success. He became widely popular not only among a large audience, but in the circle of "founders" of the world blockbusters. Directed by "gripping" stranglehold wanting to use it in their stream.
Cumberbatch is not particularly resisted, and enjoyed such rapid popularity of his person. His debut in cinema was the film "The amazing lightness" Michael Apted, who was named "Breakthrough of the Year", the crew received the prestigious London Film Critics Circle.
The most momentous turning and became an actor in 2010, which brought him the title role in the TV series "Sherlock". At that time, the prospect of this project was rather ambiguous. This famous detective adapted for the screen many times all over the world and had a considerable popularity. However, experience has shown that Benedict Cumberbatch - Sherlock Holmes in the best performance in the history of cinema. He was able to convey the essence of the character of Conan Doyle in the form of genius sociopath with impeccable manners.