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Gallery images and information: Ben Whishaw


Ben Whishaw: biography
October 14, 1980 in the family of Wishaw born twin boys, Benjamin and James. One of them was destined to become a famous actor. Ben Wishaw's childhood passed in Bedfordshire (UK). His mother worked as a beautician, his father was engaged in information technology - both had little to do with art. Nevertheless, mother and two years dressed up Ben in bright costumes - Bunny.
In an interview with Ben Whishaw I recalled how Easter revised baby pictures: among them there is not one where he is - in casual clothes. The actor says that in infancy he had subconsciously wanted to be different from others.
The boy went to school, but without enthusiasm. He was more fascinated by drama club, which he attended. On the amateur scene of his passion for reincarnation and craving for disguises fully manifested.
After high school, Ben Whishaw enrolled in college and went on to attend drama group, who worked at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. At the time, the guy became an actor Youth Troupe "Great Spirit" and was involved in most of its productions. The most important for him was the role in the play about prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp. In 1995, the play was shown on the international theater festival in Edinburgh. Formulation of praise and criticism, and theater-goers.
After college, Ben Whishaw moved to London, where he studied at the Royal Academy of Arts. In 2003, he became a certified actor.
Personal life
Ben did not hide their sexual orientation. The actor made a coming out - openly admitted that he is gay.
In 2012, Whishaw has registered a civil partnership with the composer of the Australian Mark Bradshaw. He met Mark in 2009 when the movie was "bright star." Now the actor and composer living together.
Ben Whishaw lives in London. Free time shooting he devotes to his numerous hobbies. Ben loves to garden, dances well, paints, reads books, happy travels, singing. The actor - operatic voice.
Another passion of the stars - cat. There were times when he gave shelter to 10-15 animals.