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Gallery images and information: Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck was born in a town in California called Berkeley, USA, August 15, 1972. His mom (Christine) worked as a teacher and her father (Tim Affleck) - physician, although in his youth also tried his hand on her acting career. Christine also hoped that Benjamin when he grows up, will choose her profession.
When he was seven years old, she, through her friends, Ben has arranged a small role in the television series entitled "Journey of Mimi." Almost simultaneously, he met with Matt Damon, with whom they are still the best of friends and colleagues.
When the comrades were still in their teens, they finally decided to link their fate with aktёrstvom together learned this skill and go to the audition. Once they were lucky, and each received a role in the film «School Ties», but the picture was so weak that his friends have decided to continue their education. Ben Affleck entered the Los Angeles College of Occidental.
It is understood that after graduation, magically, it opened the doors of all the studios. Therefore, they are Matt odd jobs. They had to remove the cheap tiny apartment, which was more like a dirty cage. Comrades loved to dream, in which film they would most like to play. His friends dreams were recorded on paper - so were born in 1992, the first sketches of the script of the movie "Good Will Hunting." Ben Affleck and Matt Damon phoned all film producers, hoping that some of them pay attention to their work, but it turned out to be in vain ...
Ben Affleck - the beginning of a stellar career
Only in 1995, Ben finally lucky and it was cast in the movie "Rats from the supermarket," directed by Kevin Smith. This work did not bring much money or fame, but a future star appeared dates dating with Matt they were able not only to sell the script several times rewritten "Good Will Hunting", but also to persuade the production company that they have entrusted the main role ...
Ben Affleck - gaining popularity
In 1997, Kevin Smith took motion picture "Chasing Amy" and Ben Affleck played in it has a major role. This movie was one of the most successful projects of the year. Friends triumfovali - in the same year after the release of "Good Will Hunting" they handed the "Oscar" for "Best Screenplay".
Ben Affleck - the most notable roles
Careers friends went up sharply. In 1998, Ben Affleck starred in "Shakespeare in Love" and the sensational "Armageddon", where his partners began Liv Tyler and Bruce Willis. Then there was not very successful melodrama "Forces of Nature", where one of the main roles played by Sandra Bullock. In 1999 he reunited with Ben Affleck and Damon Smith in several controversial films "Dogma." Ben participation in the blockbuster "Pearl Harbor" (2001), only added to the popularity of the actor. Further there is a whole series of successful works in such motion pictures as "The Sum of All Fears," "Daredevil," "Paycheck," "Smokin 'Aces" and others.
Ben Affleck - personal life
Back in the mid-90s Ben Affleck started a romance with Gwyneth Paltrow, but when they work together in the movie 1998 "Shakespeare in Love" relations deteriorated and soon the couple parted. Then he began a romantic relationship with actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, with whom they were engaged in 2002, and in 2004 - broke up. Ben Affleck married in 2005 Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner and now they have two daughters. On the imminent appearance of the third pair of said in August 2011, and February 27, 2012 was born their son Samuel Garner Affleck.
Ben Affleck - Interesting Facts
Ben Affleck perfect poker player and even won in the «California State Poker Championship Sunday», received the prize - 356 400 thousand. Dollars. More often photographed him when he drinks coffee. Full name of the actor - Benjamin Affleck Giza and the magazine «People» in 2000, it included the fifties the most beautiful people on the planet. Also in the spirit of an actor just can not stand airplanes and he is a gambler. For him, a casino in Las Vegas as a house mother.
Ben Affleck - day today
Who is Ben Affleck finishes work on his third directorial project "Argo", the release of which is scheduled for September 2012. But there is evidence that it appears much earlier in the Venice Film Festival. Before that Affleck can be seen in the new film by Terrence Malick.