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Gallery images and information: Anna Faris


Biography of Anna Faris
Philologists Faris
39 years ago, the sociologist Jack and Karen schoolteacher daughter, happy mum and dad named Anna Kay. Later, he was born the son of Robert - he went to his father's footsteps and is very successful in sociology (a professorial degree). But the daughter of a childhood dream to become an actress.
Early childhood is associated with Anna Baltimore, and then the family moved to Edmonds (a suburb of Seattle), where the girl went to school. The mother was glad that her daughter is growing communicative and open, she first saw her acting in the makings. And soon the debut of babes on the scene in Seattle - there is still in primary school. So I started the creative biography of Anna Faris. Later, as a teenager, she appeared in commercials. But the theater did not dare to enter university - became a student of the Faculty of Philology, University of Washington (where his father worked as a future actress).
Born for comedy
It so happened that when Anna 23 years in rolling out two films with her participation. But it made the famous one of these pictures - the comedy "Scary Movie" (in the thriller "Lovers Lane from debutant was very small role, but in a parody of" The Scream "and other horror Faris was the main character). Its Cindy Campbell - caricature character Sidney Prescott Neve Campbell. Well, this coup - laugh cult franchise - load, and the movie went "bang". Later withdrew its four sequels, and all (except the final) was the soloist Anna Cindy, for the role at the time has become a brunette.
Of course, yelling as cutting drivel and rounded up to the incredible size of the eye will not be permanent - tired. Here and in the biography of Anna Faris appeared other films, although some believe that the comedy she feels organic. Among the dramatic roles of the actress - Kelly melodrama of Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation" and Leshon in "Brokeback Mountain" Lee.
However, the audience wanted the new comedic roles, and Anna met their expectations, starring in the film "Just Friends" (the image of shitty pop stars came from the performer fine), and later played Dorothy in the movie "What's Your Number?" And Zoe in the "dictator" .