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Gallery images and information: Alicia Vikander

BIOGRAPHY Alicia Vikander
Best of Both Worlds
Birth to 3 October 1988, the year in Gothenburg Alicia Amanda was the only daughter of a theater actress Maria Fal Vikander and psychiatrist Svante Vikander. The girl was only five months old when her father and mother (both - natives of small villages south and north of Sweden respectively) divorced, and Alicia was left in the care of his mother. Maria raised her alone, but did not mind meeting with a new family Svante - and in fact came to light five more children. The actress is very fond of his half-brothers and sisters, and always says that had the best of both worlds parent. The mother gave her all my love, and every other week Alicia appeared in a noisy father "of the universe".
Vikander - Swedish three-quarters (and one quarter - Finn) - entered the Royal Ballet School in Gothenburg at age 9 and was preparing himself for a career dancer. Six years later, biography Alicia Vikander continued in Stockholm - where it is also heavily involved in choreography and participated in musicals, including "The Sound of Music" and "Les Miserables". She traveled a lot, did not sit idle during the holidays, improved skills and devoted one summer classes at the School of American Ballet.
But in the 16 years Vikander biography Alicia radically changed: she almost threw dancing to star in the TV series Thomas Alfredson "Dream in December". After that, the girl's head stuck thought it must be an actress! Fuel to the fire poured trauma received a ballerina in adolescence. Alicia auditioned for drama school, but did not accept it, the second attempt was also unsuccessful. But it is easy to go to law, but did not learn from it, achieving performance of his new dreams.
Alicia appeared persistent: she starred in several short films. And then - he played in the popular Swedish TV drama "Andra Avenyn", which was shown in the 2008-2011 th years, and became known in the Nordic countries.