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Gallery images and information: Alain Delon


Alain Delon - French actor. 
Alain Delon was born on November 8, 1935 in the southern suburbs of Paris, Co, Hauts-de-Seine (Upper Seine). Childhood Delon took place in the small town of Bourg-la-Reine (fr.), Where parents Alain moved a few years before his son's birth.
Father - Fabien Delon, a Corsican by birth, ran his own cinema "Regina" is located on the street Ambarkader house № 3. Mother - Edith Delon - a pharmacist by profession, worked as Controller in the theater of her husband. Alain was not three years old when her parents divorced.
In 1939, Edith remarried sausage shop owner named Paul Boulogne. Monsieur Boulogne restaurant was very popular with the townspeople. Edith began to help her new husband in the shop, this work took up much of her time, and the education of young son had no strength. Then the care of Alain, it was decided to entrust the nurse, Madame Nero. Nero couple lived in a small house, located in two steps from the Fresnes prison, her husband worked as a guard in the prison.
Delon spent several years in the family nurse. About the years spent with these people, the actor remembers fondly: "This was a foster family, and my family, here I was treated with genuine warmth. It is here that the first children were shed tears. " In his parents' home, Alain returned only after the tragic death of spouses Nero.
In 1956, after demobilization from the army, together with Alain army comrades went first in Marseille, where the spent part of the money earned in the Army, then again in Paris. Young people take a room in a cheap hotel on the Place Pigalle. Delon got a job as a waiter in a pub next to the Champs-Elysées. However, this position of the future actor came not to their liking.
On the advice of new friends in Paris, Alain decided to show their photos to the producers. But one failure is replaced by another: "You are too beautiful, you will not develop a career," - explained Delon producers. But the future actor was not discouraged and continued to take a variety of auditions and screen tests. At one of these castings Delon met a budding actor Jean-Claude Brialy. The young men became friends and in 1956 they both went to the Cannes festival in the hope of being noticed.
In Cannes, the young Alain Delon drew attention to American "catcher talents" manager Harry Wilson. He was looking for a replacement recently departed from the life of James Dean. Delon Wilson sent to Rome to audition for the film. Screen Tests were successful. Wilson suggested that Alain Delon seven-year contract to work in Hollywood. An indispensable condition for the contract had knowledge of English, which is the future actor had to learn in three months. On his return to Paris Delon began to learn English and about to leave for the United States.
But Jean-Claude Brialy met each known film director Yves Allegra. Alegre Delon persuaded to start an acting career at home and offered him a small role in his new film.
In 1957, the actor's debut took Alain Delon in the film Willow Allegre "When interferes with a woman." A year later, in 1958, actor Mark Allegre removed in the film "Be beautiful and shut up", which appears in one episode with beginners while the actor Jean-Paul Belmondo. Small roles in Brothers Allegre did not bring fame to the beginner Delon.
The young Alain Delon, actor self-taught at the beginning of his career was able to create a complex manner, and later included in all textbooks on cinema.