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Gallery images and information: Al Pacino


Al Pacino (Alfredo James «Al» Pacino) - a famous American film and theater actor of Italian descent. During his career, he appeared in forty films and actively participated in theater productions. Al Pacino has won the three most prestigious awards for his acting skills, "Tony", "Oscar", "Golden Globe".
Al Pacino was born in New York on 25 April 1940. Parents Alya, Sicilian-born, separated when the boy was two years old. His mother was forced to move in a poor neighborhood of New York to her parents. Times were hard, too small Alya grandmother took care of not allowing even play with the kids on the street. However, the future actor was 9 years old began to smoke, and only 13 have tried alcohol. The only joy for Alfredo became Movies. Boy imitating a scene from the film, and skillfully played them in front of their families.

The school Pacino did not differ by good behavior, he was more interested in staging a theatrical circle. The boy was so talented that the head of the circle advised the mother to write it to the courses for the Performing Arts. Unfortunately, very soon Pacino scored his studies and began to earn a living. He was postman, courier, vendor ... Later, accumulating a little money, Alfredo enters the Herbert Berghof Studio, put a goal to learn acting skills.

Al Pacino - the beginning of a stellar career
Al Pacino has played many roles in the theater and his successes have been noted by critics. He was the best actor of the theater's 1967-68. And for her role in the Broadway revival of "Does the Tiger Wear a Necktie?" Pacino was awarded the Theatre Award "Tony." Al Pacino's debut on the big screen was the movie "I, Natalie." Two years later, the young actor has played great in the movie "Panic in Needle Park" (1971). His excellent game has not gone unnoticed. Directed by Francis Kopolo invites him to play Michael Corleone in "The Godfather."

Al Pacino - gaining popularity
After the premiere of "The Godfather" Al Pacino, literally woke popular. The success of the films was simply stunning. For his skill the actor was nominated for "Oscar" for Best Supporting Actor, but cherished statuette he lacks. It was found that Al is not quite ready for the sudden fame. He began to abuse alcohol, and for four years was not removed, preferring to work on their own projects.

Al Pacino - most notable roles
The filmography of the actor occurred and the failed part. For example, "Revolution" (1985) and "Bobby Deerfield". Triumphant return to the screens of Al Pacino in "Scent of a Woman" actor Martin Brest brought the long-awaited "Oscar". After this picture Pacino starred in dozens of films, each of which he was great. This "Carlito's Way," "Devil's Advocate" (1997), "Ocean's 13" and many others.

Al Pacino - personal life
The actor known for his numerous novels, however, despite his elderly age, he has never been married. He has three children out of wedlock daughter Julie Marie on Jan Terrant and twins Olivia Rose and Anthony James from Beverly D'Angelo, with whom the actor met nearly seven years. Today in Hollywood rumors about the novel 71-year-old model with Pacino Lucille Polak, who dreams to have a favorite child. Pacino himself does not give the media any comments, carefully protecting his privacy.

Al Pacino - Interesting Facts
Al Pacino lost his mother at the age of 22 years, she died of leukemia.
Relatives of the actor come from the province of Corleone (!), Sicily.
In 1961, Pacino was arrested for possession of firearms.
He studied acting at school, where then engaged Robert De Niro, Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando.
The British magazine "Empire" included a remarkable actor in the list of one hundred greatest movie stars of all time. It is said Pacino - "The key to success - the desire that is constantly with me."

Al Pacino - day today
Despite his age, the legendary actor is involved in a variety of projects. In 2013, Al Pacino fans will see it on the screen in the films "Mary, mother of Christ" and "Dali and I: Surrealist Story."